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4 Otets Paisiy Str
4 Otets Paisiy Str

Mediterranean paradise in the heart of Plovdiv Roman Stadium Square - this is the new restaurant Piacere. One of the three famous terraces to the garden is transformed into a place for culinary delight, where the aroma of delicious food is complemented by a wonderful showcase of freshly caught giant fish - turbot, mackerel, octopus, monkfish, sea bass, sea bream, squid. Every meal goes with a corresponding drink - full palette of white, red and sparkling wines with aromas of citrus fruits, berries, herbs and flowers. And platters and salads with cheese, smoked salmon, shrimp, Greek fish-mockery, the fabric in the colors of the water.

  • Вид: Хранене
  • Категория : ☆
  • Капацитет: 100

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  • 4 Otets Paisiy Str