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Armenian restaurant "Erevan"

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15 Otetst Paisii Str.
15 Otetst Paisii Str.

The Armenian restaurant "Erevan" is one of the oldest in the city. Located in the center of Plovdiv and parallel to the main street "Otets Paisii". The combination of delicious dishes make it Plovdiv's favorite place. The restaurant attracts bohemians by its dishes made by master Harutyun Tutyan. Each part of the menu - from soups to desserts (traditional one is "Anush abur") contains Armenian elements. And to be the pleasure complete, we recommend you to end your day with a glass of cognac, accompanied by coffee.

  • phone: +359 89 501 75 76, +359 894 76 27 79
  • Kind: Nutrition
  • Category : ☆
  • Capacity: 140

  • Services
  • Градина
  • Интернет
  • Location
  • 15 Otetst Paisii Str.

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