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Chitalishte Zahari Stoyanov – 1984

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Chitalishte Zahari Stoyanov – 1984

About us:

The chitalishte was founded in 1984 on the basis of the library branch of Chitalishte Vasil Kolarov (now Chitalishte Aleko Konstantinov). Its activities are geared towards school students and people of different age groups in the Hristo Smirnenski residential district. Students and adults are offered music and art courses as well as courses in yoga and relaxation meditation. During the school year the chitalishte conducts language courses for young learners and there used to be adult classes as well. Since 2000 every summer the chitalishte has been organizing a Summer Academy for Children aged between 7 and 10.  Among the activities offered by the chitalishte are library information days, the marking of important historical dates, celebrating Bulgarian traditions and rituals, literary readings, quizzes, meetings with artists and creative personalities. The youngest readers are accustomed to events that celebrate different holidays in the Bulgarian calendar. For almost 10 years (between 1998 and 2008) the Chitalishte had a functioning puppet theatre.

The chitalishte’s activities revolve around the library which possesses over 22,000 volumes in different genres and which is enriched through new acquisitions annually out of the funds collected through subscription fees, the successful project bids to the Ministry of Culture, and through donations from different publishing houses and private donors. The chitalishte takes part and conducts concerts in Bulgaria as well as abroad. Some of our projects have gained national recognition. Throughout the years the team of the chitalishte has contributed to shaping its profile as a bearer of Bulgarian culture and traditions.

If you are curious to find out more, see the Information card of the chitalishte provided by the Regional centers for expert consultation and information (RCECI).

Director: Georgi Vladimirov Zhelyazkov

Secretary:  Svetlana Yurievna Kerkelova

Librarian: Albena Alexandrova

Address: 4 Ravnitsa Str

E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone:  +359 32 644035; +359 879 252987



The permanent partners in our activities are Vasil Petleshkov School, Slavic World Association, and Municipal Foundation “Plovdiv 2019”.


The chitalishte occupies half of the 3rd floor of the multifunctional building. It has a library lounge, a lounge for various cultural events and modern dance and yoga classes, 2 classrooms (for music and language classes and a school of fine arts) and a common staircase used for exhibitions.

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