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Chitalishte Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – 2003

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Chitalishte Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – 2003

About us:

The Chitalishte is almost 15 years old. It was established under the initiative and patronage of Gyulbahar Mehmed – civil servant and expert in ethnic and demographic issues in the Regional administration of Plovdiv and a group of enthusiasts. It is one of its kind on the territory of Plovdiv region. It aims to develop cultural policies that are in tune with international and European tendencies. It serves as a place where accessible information about Turkish and Bulgarian cultures is analyzed, preserved and circulated. The chitalishte’s main goals are: intensifying European and international integration; offering information for current cultural events in the city and the region; fostering and maintaining international cultural exchange.

In the course of its existence the Chitalishte has managed to attract the greater majority of the ethnic Turkish community residing in all the residential districts of the city. They visit the chitalishte and use its material affordances. It has rich library holdings both in Bulgarian and in Turkish. He library offers specialized literature that is used by the Turkish students who pursue their higher education at different universities in Plovdiv. The chitalishte organizes festivals, seminars, academic conferences and exhibitions. It offers Turkish language courses. It has a computer room that is accessible to all its visitors. The people working at the chitalishte are dedicated to fostering more flexible cooperation with different institutions, enriching its activities, organizing lectures and presentations to the general public, and organizing visits by a range of artists from Bulgaria and abroad.

If you are curious to find out more, see the Information card of the Chitalishte provided by the Regional centers for expert consultation and information (RCECI).

Director:  Bedrie Yuseinova Tarmazova

Secretary:  Sibel Durmush

Librarian: Darina Stoyanova

Address:     3 Dr G. Valkovich Str.

Phone:  +359 32 623 280; +359 899 711643

E-mail:     [email protected]



The chitalishte is housed in a five–storey building on the fifth floor and includes a library, a book depository, a reading room, a children’s library, a study hall. In good weather, open spaces for events and other activities are used.

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