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Exhibition Different Spaces

20/09/2022 - 09/10/2022
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20.09.22 - 09.10.22 from 18:00 to 19:30
DIFFERENT SPACES - exhibition of artists from Plovdiv and Vienna
Kapana Gallery, 29 "Raiko Daskalov" St., Plovdiv

Seizing the space, penetrating the depths, are the characteristics of the group around Stefan Alexander Kamp. Prof. Tonia Kos, Prof. Dr. Rolf Laven, Silva Guenova, Sylvia Fischer, Adisa Czeczelich, Stefan Alexander Kamp and Enkhtumen Sanjaa are artists living and working in Vienna with different techniques and approaches to their works. One thing, however, unites the group: their preoccupation with space. Whether in the 2nd or 3rd dimension, as in the case of Prof. Dr. Laven with his sculptures or Prof. Kos with her walk-in installation. On the other hand, the haptics and structure of Ms Guenova with her natural materials or Ms Sanjaa with her leather pictures, which create their own world. The abstract spaces are formed by the works of Ms Czeczelich, Ms Fischer, Prof. Kos and Mr Kamp. With different materials and overlays, they take hold of the space and let the layers speak for themselves in a painterly way. Enter into the dialogue of the paintings and works, let your senses sink into the spaces and enjoy this exhibition.
In the Different Spaces exhibition, the messages of the Bulgarian artists are harmoniously interwoven. Included are works by famous artists associated with Plovdiv: Boyana Popova, Ivan Chakarov, Kolyo Mishev, Milena Misheva, Nikola Pevicharov, Nikolay Nyagolov and Nikolay Tomov. Different in their preferences of style, imagery and expression, in this exhibition they showcase works ranging from figural composition to full abstraction. It is impressive how their works add to the overall feeling of invisible connections between different artistic spaces.

  • Organizer
  • City Gallery of Fine Arts - Plovdiv
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  • 032 635 322
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  • [email protected]

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