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Plovdiv with prize “Event of the year”-2013 Eventex Awards

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“Night of the museums and galleries” – Plovdiv won Event of the year and cultured event of the year for the second time in a row.
The ninth edition of "The Night" was held between the 20th and 21st of September 2013 and gathered more than 40,000 fans of the arts and culture from around the country.
For a second year, "Night of Museums and Galleries " - Plovdiv won the most controversial categories Bulgarian awards events of the year 2013 Eventex Awards, which took place on March 5 (Saturday) in Sofia. The organizers of the event went home with the award for first place for the Event of the Year and cultural event of the year in which competed 66 and 25 challenger. Panel of over 35 leading professionals in the field of advertising, marketing, PR- journalism and evaluate all candidates based on their innovative format, professional organizations, the concept and program of the event and it’s effectiveness.
The ninth edition of "The Night " was held in Plovdiv on the 20th and 21st of September 2013 and presented a wide range of cultural events and projects organized in three main modules - Museums and galleries ( exhibitions and events in all municipal Plovdiv museums and private galleries as Aspect, Jorj Papazov , Philippopolis, Resonance , Sariev, Pironessa etc. . ), culture and club (events at alternative spaces for art and culture: Drama Theatre - Plovdiv, Economic library , The spot , on radio Plovdiv, Bookstore “Helicon” , artnewscafe etc. . ) and City and Public spaces ( a program of events in the cinema “Space” , presenting projects of an alternative map of Plovdiv , Association +, Music library “Electrica” , etc.). . More than 40,000 people visited the exhibitions, premieres, dances and performances, literary readings, film screenings , concerts , parties and guest events of major national festivals during the two festival days.
The organizers of “The open arts” and co-organizers from the foundation “America for Bulgaria” and Plovdiv Municipality introduced an innovative approach with the new platform “Special Projects” which allowed the financing of cultural projects within “The night”. 45projects total were approved. For the first time in Plovdiv the national festivals and events were presented, such as the Sofia Design Week and Sofia Architecture Week, Film Festival So Independent, musical A to Jazz, a dance performance by Derida Dance, the children’s fair of the easy art. With their own program joined the British Council, the Czech Cultural Institute, the Polish Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Austria and the embassy of the U.S.A.
The preparation of the tenth edition of the “Night of the Museums and Galleries” – Plovdiv,which will happen on the 12th and 13th of September 2014 with even richer content and even more special and memorable program.

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