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Plovdiv - "Art destination" of the Exchange Holiday 2014

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Participation of Plovdiv Municipality in "Holiday 2014" proved that the brand tourist message of the town "Sense of art and history" was not chosen accidentally. At the official ceremony for distinguishing  the best in the industry Plovdiv won "Art tourism and contribute to the development of Bulgarian culture."
Like the times before the attractive appearance the stand was aimed at consolidating multiple eras coexisted in Plovdiv. The left was shown the symbol of ancient Philippopolis and modern city - the Ancient Theatre, scenes of the past that came alive throw the organized events. During the exhibition there are chamber pieces performed at the International Festival "Days of Music in Balabanov's House." On the other side was the very Balabanov’s house with leafy vine in which the visitors were welcomed by it’s owners during the Renaissance and were given " the latest information from the old suitcase ." They tried home-made stuffed grape leaves and left with a photo taken on the spot by retro photographer. Photographs were automatically published on the Internet .
In the middle of a panoramic photo of Main Street actors pantomimes recreated paintings of the city, sometimes reincarnate in ancient statues, or play scenes from everyday life in Plovdiv, and attract crowds of visitors and lots of fun.
OP "Tourism" adds to it’s attractive presentation two interesting tourist products - "Business, Wine and Culture" and "Weekend Plovdiv" focused entirely on the Bulgarian market. Programs were presented during the presentation of the Plovdiv Municipality of 10am during the second day of the event and were welcomed with great interest and support from representatives of tourist business.а

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