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Plovdiv was honored with two awards in Veliko Tarnovo

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In the period from April 10 to 13 two international events were held - the 11th edition of the International tourism fair "Cultural Tourism" and the 10th Anniversary edition of the International Festival of the touristic film "On the east coast".
This year, Plovdiv Municipality participated in the exhibition with the municipalities of Asenovgrad and Rhodopi. The three municipalities are partnering in the project "Via diagonalis” (contract № BG161PO001/3.2-02/2011/012, OPRD) and represent the region of Plovdiv - Asenovgrad – the Rhodopi mountain as a competitive tourist destination. Part of the supporting program of the exhibition was the presentation of the project. Borislav Chernev - Project Manager, presented to the audience the project activities, as well as the concrete results from the advertising and marketing activities. The tours -"Via Diagonalis trough the centuries" and "Monastery Tour" were the focus of the presentation which continued with a discussion about the relationship between the Municipality of Plovdiv, the tour operators and the consumers and how all to join forces in the development of the Plovdiv region.
The commercials of the project "Via diagonalis" won first prize. The professionalism and its attractiveness brought the TV commercial of religious tourism the award in the category "Faith and Tradition" at the Film Festival.
The second prize is from the National Contest "READ & TRAVEL”. The Tourism Council and the Municipality of Plovdiv won the Ministry of Economy and Energy’s award and the "READ & TRAVEL" award with the Parade of new wine in the category for best original event in the field of cultural tourism organized by municipalities, branch organizations and associations - for the creative presentation of the Festival of the new wine.

Plovdiv Municipality is making an extraordinary effort in the development of all types of tourism, not only in the city but also in the region. The popularization of the destination for year-round tourism and the invite to both tour operators and individual tourists to rediscover Plovdiv is the result of long-term and consistent actions.

Plovdiv - Come with friends!

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