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"WE SEE UKRAINE" exhibition

15/11/2023 - 05/12/2023
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"WE SEE UKRAINE" exhibition
City Gallery of Fine Arts - Plovdiv
from November 15, 2023 to December 5, 2023

The exhibition brings together 6 artists from Bulgaria, Croatia and Ukraine, united in the mission to show the strength and hope of the people who live in Ukraine, those who are beyond the news.
The opening day is also the only day on which you can see and participate live in Daria Pugachova's performance «Through the wall», which will start at 18:00.
WE SEE UKRAINE is a collaborative visual and performing arts project that recreates the different imprints and emotions of people living in war in Ukraine. The project is based on the experiences of ordinary Ukrainians: refugees or people who have already managed to return to their homes - or what is left of them.
The exhibition gives us the opportunity to feel a palette of different emotions and feelings of a nation that is not only a nation at war, but a nation composed of individual people, each of whom continues to search and find strength to hope, fight, dream and simply to live during a war that continues without the deadline so necessary to the human psyche.
What gives people strength, hope, fuel to carry on? What is it like to be an ordinary person, off the battlefield, but placed in a situation that calls for heroism? Heroism to allow yourself to experience completely normal human emotions and feelings, to have the strength to keep the human in you.
An exhibition that takes us back almost two years and shows us that the war still exists and continues, and beyond the noise of the news.

The exhibition includes:
Irina Vorona - Ukraine.
Mykhailo Barabash - Ukraine.
Anna Stoeva - Bulgaria.
Igor Grubić – Croatia.
Daria Pugacheva - Ukraine/Bulgaria.
Olga Filonchuk - Ukraine/Germany.

The exhibition can be visited until December 5.
In February, the exhibition will also be shown in Sofia.
The project is implemented with the financial support of the Creative Europe program of the EU and the National Fund "Culture". The leading organization in the exhibition is Tanuki Films, and partners are the Croatian production house Eclectica and the Ukrainian Lviv Tourism Development Center.

  • Organizer
  • City Gallery of Fine Arts - Plovdiv
  • Phone
  • 032 635 322
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  • [email protected]

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