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The Tsar Simeon's Garden and the Singing Fountains

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Tsar Simeon's Garden is an attractive center for recreation in all seasons. In 1892 Plovdiv was the organizer of the First Bulgarian Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition with international participation, whose successor today is the Plovdiv Fair. For the opening of the exhibition, the landscape architect Lucien Chevalas created a new city garden, which after the end of the exhibition was named after Tsar Simeon. After the end of the exhibition, the city municipality preserves and develops it as a main city park. Tsar Simeon's Garden has been declared a monument of park art.

Since its creation, the garden has preserved fountains, a large lake and the classic fountain of the goddess of fertility Demeter, sculpted by the Italian sculptor Arnoldo Zòcchi. The fountain is the only relic of the First Bulgarian Exhibition. Other famous fountains are the "Fisherman" and the "Bear". Inside the park is the lake with the Singing Fountains, which in summer attracts thousands of residents and guests of Plovdiv. There are many monuments of Bulgarian spiritual leaders, modern sculptural compositions and sculptures.

  • Historical period

  • Modern times

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