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Kapana (The Trap)

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Steering just a little from the Main Street in Plovdiv and imperceptibly you find yourself in “Kapana” (literal translation: “The Trap”). Once you get there you would never want to go back.

The district emerged as a centre for craftsmen 5 centuries ago, so don't be surprised of street names like Kozhuharska (Leather Str), Zhelezarska (Iron Str) and Zlatarska (Gold Str). The name of the district itself is inspired by the many tangled little streets. Nowadays you will not find traditions craftsmen here but contemporary creative entrepreneurs. This is due to the massive 3-year joint efforts of the Plovdiv Municipality and “Plovdiv 2019” Foundation put in transforming the until recently neglected part of the city into a real art centre and a district dedicated to creative industries. This project is also part of the artistic programme of “Together” – the concept and motto Plovdiv won the European Capital of Culture 2019 with.

And if you haven’t been around for a while you will surely feel the difference – now more than 80% of the little streets are part of the city’s pedestrian zone. Soon all of them will be. Tiny buildings resembling the ones in Amsterdam are colourfully painted and full of life with people smiling everywhere.

You will find galleries, workshops, ateliers, studios, cozy restaurants and shops, as well as other art spaces, and there is even a vinyl shop!

All these places fill “Kapana” with modern cultural content not only with their daily activities but also organizing events with social, economic and cultural effect for the city. What happens in the new/old art district of Plovdiv is so much – concerts, exhibitions, festivals, forums, brainstorming sessions and discussions, theatrical performances, art installations, screenings, workshops and many more. So we advise you to follow the programme here 

  • Historical period

  • Modern times

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