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Klianti House

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The building, built in 1816, is one of the oldest preserved houses from the period of the Bulgarian Revival. It was completely rebuilt in 1846 and the ground floor was expanded to the north, forming the covered yard. The builders were the same craftsmen who constructed The Holy Mother Assumption Church. In 1882, the western part of the house was destroyed and with the division of the building two separate houses were differentiated. In 1920, part of the southeast corner was “cut”.

The two-storey building is an important architectural component within the Old Town Architectural and Historical Reserve.

The Klianti House is an undisputed peak in the development of architecture and decorative art in the Old Plovdiv. The rich artistic decoration is concentrated in the residential floor, wherein are many wooden sculptures and polychrome – geometric patterns and colorful inlays – on the wooden ceilings, unique landscapes dating from 1817 and monumental compositions of vegetable ornaments. On the walls there are richly decorated niches, cupboards, backgammon wooden doors.

The house was initially a residential building serving Georgi Klianti and his successors. Nowadays it is municipal property.

Day for free visit: Every first Thursday of the month for students and retired people.

Visits are in compliance with the anti-epidemic measures.

  • Historical period

  • Renaissance
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  • 3A, Todor Samodumov Str.
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    • November - March
    • Monday-Sunday 09.00 - (13.00-13.30) - 17.30
    • April - October
    • Monday-Sunday 09.30 - (13.00-13.30) - 18.00

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