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Pavliti House (The Blue House)

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House "Pavliti" was built around 1849-1850 and was owned by Georgi Pavliti (Politoglu), who came from the town of Peshtera. The building is a representative of the Early Revival residential architecture - symmetrical type. The architecture of the house is remarkable with its original elements - semicircular window openings, iron shutters, arched cornice and rich artistic decoration.

Revival house "Pavliti" is one of the emblematic buildings in Old Plovdiv. The building has been declared an architectural, construction and artistic monument of culture and has the status of an immovable cultural property with a category of "national significance".

Over the years, it has been used as a representative hall of the Committee for Art and Culture, has housed the "13 Centuries of Bulgaria" National Endowment Fund, the Student House and the Municipal Foundation "Plovdiv 2019".

The official opening of Pavliti House after its restoration will be on 19.09.2023.

  • Historical period

  • Renaissance

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