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3, Bratya Pulievi
3, Bratya Pulievi

If you are looking for, but have not yet found the true harmony between gourmet food and unforgettable memories, then we could offer it to you in huge doses.
In Club "Marmalade" you will have the pleasure to be introduced to the exclusive club program: Wednesday night - Quiz Night -, Friday night - Karaoke - karaoke competition, Saturday night - BG live - only for true connoisseurs. But one more thing to make your night unforgettable - DJ in the mix, with the beat of the carefree music hits and beats.
Club "Marmalade" has become a favorite place of people who have meanwhile decided to escape from the boring everyday life, risking unforgettable gastronomic experiences, touching our unpretentious gourmet cuisine and at the same time feel the rhythm of Plovdiv's club life.
You doubt it?! Come and see for yourself!
Because the whole city is ..... in Marmalade!

  • Kind: Entertainment
  • Category : ☆
  • Capacity: 50

  • Services
  • Музика на живо
  • Интернет
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  • 3, Bratya Pulievi

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