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Exposition “Book Publishing in 19-20th century”

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Exposition “Book Publishing in Bulgaria in the second half of 19th and the beginning of 20th century”

The exposition on the history of the Bulgarian book publishing in the city of Plovdiv and its region was opened in the house of the founder of the modern Bulgarian book publishing Hristo Gruev Danov in 1975. Unique samples of printed books of the Bulgarian National Revival are exhibited in six halls. Stages of the development of education have been traced back on the basis of the publisher work of Hristo G.Danov and Dragan Manchov, main suppliers of textbooks and training aids for the Bulgarian school, as well as the work of other eminent bookmen and educationalists, such as Hadzhi Nayden Yovanovich, Yoakim Gruev, etc. The role of the city of Plovdiv as a centre of the Bulgarian education and culture in the second half of 19th and the beginning of 20th century is reflected. Exact setting of Hristo Danov’s study has been reproduced, replica of a classroom of the time of the Bulgarian National Revival has been arranged. Printing equipment and a platen machine, original photos of the printing house of Hristo Danov in Plovdiv are displayed in the extension of the House-museum, and a bookshop with training aids and books resembling the style of the one-time bookseller shops has been restored there.

The building accommodating the exposition was erected in the mid 19th century and is typical of the architecture of the Bulgarian National Revival. Its foundation was made of stone and stood on the vertical rocks of Taximtepe (The Taxim Hill). The main facade was formed with a four-column wicket, which supported a richly decorated rocker gable. The one-floor residential section is an example of the widely spread Plovdiv symmetric house. The central section is occupied by a celebration salon with color drawn walls and wooden ceiling with carved composition called the Sun. Transition from ceiling to walls is richly painted with alternating 12 medallions of landscapes and 12 baskets of flowers. The book publisher’s study is drawn with an interesting chess ornament; one of the walls is occupied by cupboards with authentic carved doors. A large stove with original plastic plaster decoration was built in the northwest room. The wooden ceiling there was replaced by a plastered one bearing decorative portrait painting. Johann Gutenberg is depicted inside one of the four medallions.

The section of „Book publishing in Bulgaria in the second half of 19th and the beginning of 20th century” holds more than 5000 volumes of books, unique publications, geographic maps and school pictures and aids, items of everyday life, personal belongings and correspondence of Hristo Danov and his publisher’s house. The building is an architectural and historical monument of national importance. In 1974/1975 it was restored by the National Institute of Cultural Monuments upon the design of architect Dikidzhiev and painted by a group guided by the artist Zdislav Karchevski.

Day for free visit: Every first Thursday of the month for students and retired people.

The museum receives visitors in compliance with the anti-epidemic measures:

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