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Glamping & Motel Alliance

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Glemping Alliance consists of 3 zones: camping, glamping houses and motel. It is located in the outskirts of Plovdiv overlooking the Rhodope Mountains, and is only 10 minutes away from the city center with public or private transport.

The campsite is HiTech oriented, works with online booking and is the first campsite in the region of Plovdiv. It has all modern amenities: new and clean bathrooms, car wash, bathroom for pets, playground; room for cleaning cassettes with CamperClean machine, dishwasher and 2 laundromats.

The three glamping houses are ideal for a luxurious and more unusual holiday. Baba Yaga's house, the Hobbits' dugout and the Rotal Suite are located around a river pool with a beach. Baba Yaga's house stands on one chicken’s leg and can be reached by a rope bridge. You can order room service, which will arrive directly on the veranda by cable car. The Royal Suite is furnished in the style of Louis XIV and here you will find the most modern options for your stay - you can control the lighting, the bed and other extras via Alexa or your phone. The hobbits' dugout is dug into the ground, furnished in a traditional style, and there is a porthole on the ceiling, through which natural sunlight enters.

The motel has 45 rooms, a restaurant, a spa, a games room, a conference room and a lobby bar. It is furnished in a clean and functional style.

There are all conditions for a perfect holiday not far from the city center, but in a quieter area with convenient public transport to the citysights.

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  • How to get there
  • The entrance to the site is immediately before (if you come from the city) / after (if you come from the ring road / Komatevo) the playgrounds of Botev Pld. It is located between Eurohospital and a new residential building.

  • Capacity:
  • Single
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  • Address
  • 81, Komatevsko Shosse Blvd.

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