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Chitalishte Prof. Kiril Dzhenev – 2018

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Chitalishte Prof. Kiril Dzhenev – 2018

About us: The chitalishte was established at the end of 2018 in Plovdiv. Its patron is Professor Kiril Dzhenev – one of the most prominent choreographers and teachers in Bulgaria. Its activities are mostly in the sphere of folklore, folk music, folk choreography, and folk rituals. The goals of its board of trustees and members are to foster its development and to create more opportunities for an increasing number of people to get in touch with Bulgarian folklore. The chitalishte also aspires to set up a library, choir and orchestra, a theatre group, a ballet school and drawing classes. If you are curious to find out more, see the Information card of the chitalishte provided by the Regional centers for expert consultation and information (RCECI).

Director: Petya Georgieva Marinova

Secretary:  Ivelin Dimchev Dimitrov

Address: 7А Kolyu Ficheto Str.

E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone:  +359 886 743818

Web site:


Spaces: The chitalishte is housed in a large hall (130 sq.m.) on the second floor of a business center. It is used for training, dance and training rooms. The room is suitable for various cultural events, exhibitions and more. The chitalishte also has a smaller room that will be used in the future for a choir and as an orchestra music room. The center uses two more halls per hour, one located at 231 6th September Blvd. The other premise is in Hristo Botev PGVAD, which is also used for the Folk Dance Club for amateurs.

  • Working hours
  • Mon-Fri:
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  • How to get there
  • 7А Kolyu Ficheto Str.

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