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Theatre play "Two women without counting the man"

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Nedyalko Yordanov celebrates his 80th birthday with a musical-theatrical performance in Plovdiv

"Two women without counting the man" is the name of the show with which Nedyalko Yordanov will
celebrated its 80th anniversary in Plovdiv. In the "farce musical" as defined by
its creators, actresses Iren Krivoshieva and Rosi Ruseva. The director is Nedyalko
Yordanov, the music is by Haygashod Aghasyan, arrangement and accompaniment by Joro Stoev.
The performance is from the poster of the Drama Theater "Ivan Dimov" - Haskovo and was postponed
because of COVID-19. The new date, which will be played in Plovdiv on June 17, 2020. from 20.30 in
Orpheus Summer Cinema.
This is a very serious, humorous tragicomedy about the clash of two women in classic roles
of the husband and mistress of a man who shamefully does not appear on stage.
The action goes through various vicissitudes with seemingly absurd twists - from
cruel hatred of unexpected friendships, from communication with aliens to criminals
riddles and purely modern relations and even political jokes.
Lots of laughter and lots of tears and lots of songs, as well as a pure opera duet.
And finally a philosophical truth that everything is temporary, that everything is impermanent and
therefore one must live thirstily and insatiably.
"Come and you will not regret the time spent in the hall with two crazy and talented
actresses ", the organizers claim. And Nedyalko Yordanov will be happy to give her autographs
will chat with your favorite audience after the show.
Tickets at the box office of MuskArt in the recreation center "Boris Hristov".

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