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City Art Gallery - Permanent Exposition Georgi Bozhilov - Slona

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Exposition „Georgi Bozhilov - Slona”

The Skobeleva house is a Renaissance house in Plovdiv, built in 1860 by Kostadin Kaftandzhiyata, a prominent Bulgarian from Stara Zagora.

After the liberation the mother of gen. Mihail Skobelev, Olga Skobeleva (1823-1880), lived here until her death. She is known for her charity for helping the bulgarian victims of the Turkish rout in southern Bulgaria during the April Uprising and the Liberation War. Because of her care for the thracian orphans, the noble Bulgarian nation calls her with dignity Mother of Skobelev. At her place of death near Tsarigradsko shose Blvd. stands a memorial park. In 2003 in the Skobeleva house is arranged a constant exposition, devoted to the work of the famous Plovdiv artist Georgi Bozhilov - Slona (The Elephant) (1935- 2001).  It consists 47 canvas and it is founded in the day of his 68 anniversary 13.06.2003. On the northern side could be seen a picturesque panel and a mosaic of another famous painter - Dimitar Kirov, which he dedicates to his friend. The turbot of the house from the side of Saborna Str. is decorated with memorial mural, a painting and a mosaic, designed by Dimitar Kirov, engraved in Georgi Bozhilov’s memory.

Day for free visit: Every first Thursday of the month for students and retired people.

  • Historical period

  • Renaissance
  • How to get there

  • 1, Knyaz Tseretelev Str.
  • Work time

  • Monday - Friday: 9:30 - 18:00
  • closed: Saturday - Sunday

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