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Chitalishte Dimitar Blagoev - 2008 - Plovdiv

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Chitalishte "Dimitar Blagoev - 2008 - Plovdiv

About us:

Since its establishment, the Chitalishte has managed to develop diverse and active activities in various areas. In addition to traditional forms such as library activities, language schools, clubs (youth and for children) and art schools, organizing exhibitions, creative evenings, etc., the community center also relies on innovative ones aimed at external audiences. The team of the Chitalishte takes every opportunity to apply and implement various projects that enrich and complement its activities.

For more information, see the Information Map of the Chitalishte from the Regional Expert Consultation and Information Centers (RECIC).

Director: Radost Marcheva Marcheva

Secretary: Momchil Arabadzhov

Address: 16 Krastyo Pastuhov Str., Plovdiv

Phone: +359 883 423 345

E-mail:     [email protected]

Web Site:



The Chitalishte is located on the first floor of a two-storey house. It has two transitional rooms. The first is used by the English school and clubs. It also houses the computer for the library, as well as a small part of the books. The second room is a reading room. Most of the books are located in it.

  • Working hours
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  • How to get there
  • 16 Krastyo Pastuhov Str.

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