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Fitness centres

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Fitness center at the Complex S.I.²L.A.

Plovdiv, 30 Trakia Street
+359 32 240 130, +359 878 19 19 19

Cardio zone with hitech and modern treadmills, bikes, crossbows and paddlers, as well as spinning wheels.
Functional zone
Selectorized Strenght Equipment
Fitness instructors


Total Sport Fitness & Squash

Plovdiv, 13 Ekzarh Yosif Str
+359 878 19 81 36, +359 32 62 51 51

Fitness, spinning, functional training, Tabata, HIIT, ECross Kids functional training for children, jiu jitsu, yoga, pilates, pilates - rehabilitation, Animal Flow, squash
Massages and therapies, vacuum massage, sauna and solarium, body analysis and diets, protein bar, coffee and fresh bar


Pulse Fitness & Spa Plovdiv

Plovdiv, 63 Tsanko Dustabanov Str
+359 884 709 225

Zones: Power zone with an area of ​​1,000 square meters, Cardio zone with over 50 brand new devices from the Life Fitness brand, Spa center, TapOut hall, Spinning hall, Kangoo Jumps hall, Locker rooms
Extras: Philips Air Purifiers, Miha Bodytec, Active Gym Curve Treadmill, Solarium, Protein and Fresh Bar, Nutritional Supplements Store, Beauty Salon, Parking
Group activities: Tabata, Yoga, Spinning, TapOut, B-Pump, Cross Training, Pilates, Folk Dances, Zumba


Athletic Clubs - city of Plovdiv

Address 1: Plovdiv, 3 Dr. Georgi Stranski Str. (Mall Plovdiv Plaza, floor 2)
Phone: +359 893 042 100

Address 2: Plovdiv, 52-54 Ruski Blvd. (Markovo Tepe Mall, floor 3)
Phone: +359 885 333 421
Fitness and group training


Avantgarde Fitness and Spa

Plovdiv, District "Trakia", behind block 96 (opposite the Catholic Church)
+359 882 30 30 35

Gym, boxing hall, functional hall
Multifunctional hall, spinning, zumba
Spa center: massages, steam bath, sauna, relaxation area, solarium
Other services: football fields, table tennis


Perfect Fitness Center

Plovdiv, Maritsa Blvd., pedestrian bridge, building "B"

Gym, boxing hall, group classes


Muscle Art

Plovdiv, 15 Gladstone Street (City House of Culture "Boris Hristov" - Rondo Hall)
+359 885 536887, +359 32 626 576

Fitness hall with the latest generation of equipment, hall for team sports, protein bar, individual programs, professional instructors, solarium, sauna, massages



Plovdiv, 48 St. Petersburg Blvd.
+359 885 701 756



Nitro Fitness

Plovdiv, 154 Maritsa Blvd. (behind BILLA1 on "6th of September" Blvd. - the new red building of Sienit)
+359 877 855467

Gym hall equipped with some of the best professional fitness equipment - Precor Icarian and cardio Life Fitness. Aerobics hall: Salsa, Zumba, Calanetics, Step-fit



Plovdiv, 237 "6th of September" Blvd.
+359 877 898972

Functional sports hall, equipped with the highest quality equipment and a great team of professional coaches with various qualifications - Crossfit L1, L2, HIIT, Conditional Training, IKFF, C.O.R.F.I.T… POWERFIT PLOVDIV
HIIT, Functional Training, Olympic weightlifting, Strength



LadyFit 1: 112 "Hristo Botev" Blvd.
+359 32 630 690

LadyFit 2: 68 "Rayko Daskalov" Street, 2nd floor
+359 32 630 690

Ladies fitness club in Plovdiv


Symphony Fitness Center

Plovdiv, Avksentiy Veleshki Street - next to the Tsar Simeon's Garden 
+359 89 220 1250


Visign Center for Sports and Rehabilitation

Plovdiv, 32 Osvobozhdenie Blvd. (Distict "Trakia" of Municipality of Plovdiv)
+359 890 30 5555

Group sports, diets made by nutritionists, functional and personal fitness training with trainers
Rehabilitation practices for musculoskeletal, hormonal and psychological problems. Rehabilitators specializing in spinal deformities, muscle injuries, damaged knee and shoulder joints, etc.


Hammer Gym

Plovdiv, 13 "Ranni List" Str., (District "West" of Municipality of Plovdiv)
+359 88 2300128

Group activities: Zumba, H.I.I.T., Zumba for children, combined gymnastics, Ladies Fat Burn, circuit training, Pilates, yoga, functional, dance fitness, boxing hall, personal training, parking, protein bar


Lauta fitness

Plovdiv, 10 "Tsvetan Lazarov" Str. (Distict "Trakia" of Municipality of Plovdiv), next to LAUTA Park
+359 882386544

Fitness room: weights and dumbbells sector, free weights sector, cardio sector; Protein bar; Men's and women's sauna
Multifunctional hall for group classes in Zumba, STRONG Nation, Pilates


Teres Gym & Fight Club

Kyuchuka Hall: Plovdiv, 75A "Dimitar Talev" Str., 3rd floor,
Complex of security company "Daiks" (the entrance is located opposite the entrance to the shooting range, next to the barrier on the right)

Trakia Hall: Plovdiv, School "Sveti Sedmochislenitsi", (Distict "Trakia" of Municipality of Plovdiv)
(the entrance to the hall is located to the left of the main entrance of the school)

+359 878 737708

Trainings: Kickboxing and Boxing for beginners, Kickboxing and Boxing HARD, Kickboxing and Boxing Light, Kickboxing for children (7-12 years), Super Kids Functional training for children, Cardio Kickboxing (Tae Bo), Functional training, Tabata and HIIT, Full Stretch, Individual training

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