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The Odeon of Philippopolis

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Antique Odeon and Antique Forum – This place is the largest forum complex within the territory of Bulgaria. Here was concentrated the administrative, economical, cultural and religious life of the antique city. It is located on the southern side of the central post office. On the northern side of the forum complex there are public works. The first city Treasury of Moesia and Thrace was situated here. In the north-western corner it is located the Odeon of the Forum Complex. It has 300 – 350 seats. It consists of all elements of a covered theatre building. Among the discoveries are some precious marble fragments of the building, an inscription on the base of an emperor’s statue, a gallery with preserved antique walls, original marble semi-columns and 87 old silver coins that had probably been hidden during the Gothic invasion. 

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  • Antiquity
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