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Architectural and Historical Reserve Ancient Plovdiv

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Architectural and Historical Reserve Ancient Plovdiv

Ancient Plovdiv Architectural and Historical Reserve (The Old Town) is located in the Central part of the city of Plovdiv on the Three Hills (Nebet Tepe, Taksim Tepe and Dzhambaz Tepe) and covers an area of about 35 ha. It was formed due to the continuous life over the centuries – from Prehistoric, Thracian, Hellenic, Roman, Late-ancient, Medieval, National Revival, and Post-Liberation periods to present days. The combination of the prevailing Antiquity, Middle Ages and Revival in an independent core within the modern city is one of a kind for our country.

Within the reserve there are emblematic unique monuments such as the Archaeological Complex of Nebet Tepe and the Ancient Theater. Here are the oldest Plovdiv Orthodox churches, the Revival houses - remarkable architectural monuments, the architectural and historical ensemble Hissar Kapia, a series of street ensembles with fully preserved ancient architecture.

The residential buildings are divided into two main groups. The first group of houses corresponds to the mountain asymmetrical type, but it has been expanded and enriched for the needs of the urban life. The second group is the so-called “Plovdiv symmetrical urban house”. This group of buildings is characterized by a unique national interpretation of the European baroque. 

  • Historical period

  • Prehistory
  • Ages
  • Renaissance
  • Modern times
  • Antiquity

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