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Grafa goes on tour with an army of "shining little men"

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Grafa goes on tour with an army of "shining little men"

Grafa will sing in front of an audience of fans and "shining little men" during the concerts of his summer tour. After four consecutive evenings, from July 14 to 17, at the Yunak Stadium (Park Center) in Sofia, the glowing army will conquer the Summer Theaters of Veliko Tarnovo and Varna, and on July 22 and 26, respectively. The show in Plovdiv will be on July 30 on the stage the Ancient Theater, and on August 3 on the stage of the Summer Theater in Burgas.
In recent days on social networks, Grafa and his followers have been warming up for the concerts with videos with "shining little men" that the artist has published. The idea for their production comes with the new song "You shine" and the requirements that the events need to follow are to be held at 50% occupancy of their capacity. The message is that we must not forget that life goes on and it is up to us to find and preserve happiness in it.
The "shining little men" are a nice part of the anti-epidemic measures that the organizers have taken to ensure the peace of mind of visitors. Disinfectants are provided, traffic flows are regulated and the audience can only enjoy the songs of their favorite artist.
Grafa and his musicians have been rehearsing daily for the concerts in recent weeks. The program is new, includes his latest songs and the biggest hits of the years. The music production will be presented for the first time at Yunak Stadium. The excitement of the upcoming meeting with the audience after a few months break for Vladi Ampov and his band is great and unique as an emotion and will make the concerts unique.

Tickets are now on sale:

- Ticket center in front of the Municipality of Plovdiv - 1, Stefan Stambolov Square;
- Tourist Information Center - 1, Rayko Daskalov Street (Roman Stadium Square);
- Ticket office at the Ancient Theater - 2, Tsar Ivaylo Street (entrance from the Music Academy).

You can also buy your tickets through the EVENTIM online network


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