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The Plovdiv field is analluvial plain, formed by the Maritsa River and its tributaries. From the northwest, north and northeast rise the hills of Ihtimanska, Sashtinska and Sarnena Sredna Gora respectively, on the east are the Chirpan Heights. From the south the field is surrounded by the slope of the Rhodope Mountains, which is steep and high–about 1300 meters above sea level, cut through by the narrow valleys of the rivers Vacha, Stara Reka, Yadenitsa, Chepinska and others.

Amidst the flat terrain, on which the city is built, rise six hollow hills. They are unique geomorphological formations, which are major environment - forming factors and symbols of the city – the Youth Hill (DzhendemTepe) – 285.5 meters above sea level, the Hill of the Liberators (Bunardzhik) – 265 meters above sea level, the Danov Hill (SahatTepe) – 227meters above sea level, the Three Hills (Trimontsium), consisting of the TaksimTepe– 195m above sea level, Dzhambaz Tepe– 212m above sea level and Nebet Tepe– 207m above sea level). To the XX century the Hills were seven, but in the 30s Markovo Tepe was partially destroyed because of the extraction of pavers from it.