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Chitalishte Vazrazhdane – 1983 – Plovdiv

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Chitalishte Vazrazhdane – 1983 – Plovdiv

About us:

The chitalishte was incepted with the active participation of local actors, artists and architects as well as cultural leaders in 1983 after a number of attempts to restore its Revival period ancestor situated in the heart of the Old Town. As its first president the community cultural center elected one of the emblematic Plovdiv figures, namely Atanas Krastev who is better known as Nacho Kulturata [Nacho the Culture]. It has a large library and is housed in a building that is a cultural heritage monument of local significance. It is, to an extent, the successor of the so-called “Bulgarian chitalishte – Plovdiv” from 1869, which was founded by local youth and housed at the beginning in the “Yellow School”, later in a public building at the foot of Taksim tepe and finally on the premises of Ivan Evstratiev Geshev Chitalishte which was established in 1904 near St Nedelia Church. Its activities ceased during the wars and it was revived in the 1980s. Among its past activities, there are a number that deserve mention – the different theatre performances, lectures, the initiative for setting up schools for mutual and cooperative education, the library and the people’s university, the club “Literaturna gazeta” [Literary gazette] which ensured visits by Russian writers until 1990. The center is actively involved in the social and cultural integration of the most compact Armenian ethnic community on the territory of the Old Town. It offers opportunities for artistic realization, education, the development of new competences and projects.

Besides its functioning library, the chitalishte also holds literature readings, book launches, meeting with writers, exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, recitals, anniversary celebrations, children’s events, music, literature and language classes as well as clubs. Especially important is the opening of Vazrazhdane [Revival] Gallery which has been operational for nearly 20 years now. The center is involved in different projects, such as, for instance, the “Ethnographic Artcenter” supported by the Development fund of the UN.

If you would like to find out more, see Information card of the chitalishte in the Regional Expert Consultation and Information Centers (RECIC).

Director: Matey Antonov Mateev

Secretary:  Magdalen Boeva

Address:   1 Stoyan Chalakov Str.

Phone:  +359 877 623924

E-mail:     [email protected] , [email protected]

Web site:



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  • 1 Stoyan Chalakov Str.

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