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Chitalishte Gogo Mavrov – 1930

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Chitalishte Gogo Mavrov – 1930

About us:

The Chitalishte was established in 1929 and began its activities the following year.  It attracted a lot of members and a theatre troupe, which performed plays by notable Bulgarian writers. It organized the sports club “Jupiter”, a tourist section, a singing group, and an orchestra. Since the chitalishte was yet to have its independent premises the performances were held in the open, on improvised stages, in schools not only in Plovdiv but also in other towns in the country. One of the first singing groups in town “Rhodope singers” was established at the chitalishte. It performed Rhodope songs and had a folk orchestra (comprising folk instruments, such as bagpipes, gadulka, flutes, accordions, etc.). Besides this ensemble there was also a general music ensemble which included folk singers and musicians. The folk dance group was established in 1959. These activities enjoyed great popularity since in the south western parts of Plovdiv there are a lot of residents of Rhodope origin. The Community house became a very active folklore center as early as the 1960s.

At that time the community centre was given the premises of a former tobacco warehouse.  The present day library with two small halls was built entirely through volunteer labor and donations. Another building housed a daycare center which functioned until 2000. At a later stage the chitalishte set up a dancing hall, complete with parquet floors, mirror walls, backstage makeup and dressing rooms. The changes in the life of Bulgaria generated new forms of activities. The school of competitive ballroom dancing is one of the activities that became especially popular and across the years its members have won a number of awards not only in Bulgaria but abroad as well.

At present, just as in the past, a pronounced priority in the chitalishte’s activities is the popularization of Bulgarian folklore in all its forms – instrumental, vocal and dance. It has a Kaba gayda (Rhodope bagpipe) school which is one of its kind. The groups and their individual members have been awarded gold medals and prestigious prizes. The Chitalishte has been awarded the Order of Cyril and Methodius Second Degree for its active contribution to supporting beneficial to the people activities.

Director: Sonya Stoyanova Karailieva

Secretary: Plamenka Todorova Dimitrova

Library: Maria Spilkova

Adsress: 20 Sergey Rumyantsev Str.

Phone:   +359 32 643110

E-mail:  [email protected]



The chitalishte is housed in two one–storey buildings and includes a library, a book depository, two study halls, a spacious rehearsal room. The classrooms are used by the language school, the music school, for club activities and for chamber events. The rehearsal room accommodates the four amateur teams. It is also used for holding larger community events. The chitalishte also has an open space, which is suitable for children’s holidays.

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  • 20 Sergey Rumyantsev Str.

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