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Mosaic Tour

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The Mosaic Tour of Plovdiv will introduce you to the ancient and contemporary mosaics in the city. Plovdiv can be proud of its diverse mosaic heritage decorating important public and private buildings from the 3rd – 6th centuries AD, as well as public and residential buildings from the 1970s and 1980s.

On the Mosaic Tour of Plovdiv’s website, you can find information about the history, technology and construction technique of the mosaics from twelve sites you can visit in Plovdiv. For your convenience, we have created four versions of the mosaic tour each with different duration and content.

The tour and website were created by the Balkan Heritage Foundation as part of the project “Mosaic Week Plovdiv 2021” with additional financial support from the Municipality of Plovdiv. The initiative coincides with the Balkan Heritage Foundation’s policy to support the research, preservation and management of cultural heritage (including mosaic art) in Southeastern Europe.

Mosaic Tour of Plovdiv’s website:

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