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"Discover Plovdiv": Documentary series of 10 short films on BNT

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"Discover Plovdiv": Documentary series of 10 short films on Bulgarian National Television tells about the culture and history of Plovdiv

On the eve of Christmas the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) begins broadcasting the documentary series "Discover Plovdiv". It is an author's project of BNT Plovdiv and is a gift from the team of the first television outside the capital for the city and its citizens on the occasion of 50 years since the establishment of BNT Plovdiv.

"Discover Plovdiv" includes 10 short documentary forms, between 5-7 minutes each, dedicated to the historical, architectural and cultural landmarks of Plovdiv. The first of the films was broadcast on the eve of the Reunification Day and is dedicated to the historical events preceding 6 September 1885, the period in which Plovdiv was the capital of Eastern Rumelia.

Other topics in the series are the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis, the Basilicas of Plovdiv, the Houses of Old Plovdiv, Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis, Ancient Forum of Philippopolis, the Tsar Simeon's Garden, the Hills of Plovdiv, Kapana - the Creative District, the Tobacco town.

The series starts tomorrow, December 10, on BNT1 and will be broadcast every night until December 23 after the news at 23.00 h.

The project was prepared in partnership and with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv.

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