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Roman Stadium - Eastern Sector

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Since September 2021, the archeological finds of the Eastern Sector of the Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis, located in the building of the Star Gallery Shopping Center (H&M store at the Main pedestrian street), have been open for visitors. With the opening of the site, tourists have the opportunity to see all the exposed parts of the Roman Stadium - on the Roman Stadium Square, the archeology under "Excelsior" shopping center and the one under the H&M store.

  • Historical period

  • Antiquity
  • How to get there

  • 11, Knyaz Aleksandar 1st Street
  • Fee

  • Work time

    • November - March
    • Monday - Sunday 10.00- (12:30-13:00) - 18.30 h.
    • April - October
    • Monday - Sunday 10.00 - (12:30-13:00) - 18.30 h.

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