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International Festival "Days of Thracian Culture" 2022

23/06/2022 - 28/06/2022
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The 10th anniversary edition of the International Festival "Days of Thracian Culture" 2022 begins

The Thracian cultural heritage of our ancestors, bearers of original and remarkable culture and traditions oblige us not only to discover and admire the achievements of their decorative - artistic traditions, but also to promote them in an accessible form.

Remaining true to the main priority in its work "Synthesis of Antiquity and Modernity", Cultural Center "Trakart" invites culturologists engaged in research to present to the general public their new discoveries, based on Thracian and Thracian culture.
The events of the program of the International Festival "Days of Thracian Culture 2022" will be held over 6 days from June 23 to June 28, 2022.

The official opening of the festival with a concert is on June 23, 2022 / Thursday / from 19.00 in the Chamber Hall "Trakart". The program involves:

Ø Choir of Plovdiv boys "Stefka Blagoeva" with conductor Milka Toledova, piano accompaniment Julia Petrova at the Center for Support of Personal Development - Municipal Children's Complex, Plovdiv;

 "Plovdiv Boys' Choir" was established at the end of 1975. Since 2003 it has been named after its creator and longtime conductor Stefka Blagoeva (1938-2000). Today the choir conductor is Milka Toledova, who has been working with the Plovdiv boys for 30 years. Under her leadership, the ensemble has performed successfully and has won a number of awards from national and international choral festivals and competitions. Boys from Plovdiv schools from 9 to 14 years of age take part in the event. There are many successful performances in major national music forums: International Music Festival "Varna Summer", "Panorama of Bulgarian Choral Art" - Sofia, International Children's Choir Festival "Good Soldiers" - Shumen, International Festival of Orthodox Music "Praise the Lord" - Sofia, Thracian Choir Festival - Yambol, International Festival of Men's Choirs "St. Ivan Rilski "- Dupnitsa, Festival of Opera, Operetta and Ballet - Plovdiv, Music Festival of the Ancient Theater - Plovdiv, etc. The concert activity is rich, with more than 1200 concerts in Bulgaria and abroad, participation in concerts with symphony, chamber , brass, jazz orchestras and opera performances: "Tosca", "Carmen", "Hansel and Gretel", "Carmina Burana" and others.


Ø Folklore dance ensemble "Iglika" led by Ventsislava Elena at the Center for Support of Personal Development - Municipal Children's Complex, Plovdiv

More than 200 young talents aged 5 to 19 dance in the Iglika Folk Dance Ensemble, divided into five concert ensembles. FTA "Iglika" has a professional team of choreographers and musicians who invest in their work with children great love and care for young people to grow up proud Bulgarians who appreciate, cherish and preserve Bulgarian folklore for future generations. The main artistic director is Ventsislava Elenska. For the most part, the repertoire is the work of choreographers and musicians of FTA "Iglika". FTA "Iglika" is a spiritual workshop in which children and leaders together participate in the construction of the show, in writing the script, making sets for the stage, work on costumes. FTA "Iglika" is the winner of 27 awards from national and international competitions, with the participation of more than 300 children and youth. The ensemble was founded by the doyen of Bulgarian dance folklore Georgi Shishmanov and has been part of the cultural life of Plovdiv for seven decades.


Ø Vocal studio "Synthesis" led by Zhelyazka Belchilova at the Center for Support of Personal Development - Municipal Children's Complex, Plovdiv

The education in the school is carried out on the basis of the most modern techniques in pop and jazz singing, as the main goal is to achieve vocal mastery. The realization of synchronous teaching in vocal technique, acting and plastic arts (Maria Pavlova) contributes to the overall development of children as complex performers. This year, over 70 children have chosen "Synthesis" to develop and hone their talent. The head of the Synthesis Vocal Studio Zhelyazka Belchilova was awarded the GRANDE MAESTRO Diploma for the achievements of her students. The founder of the studio is a singer, vocal pedagogue and doctor of musicology and music. Soloists from the Vocal Studio "Synthesis" with prizes from two international forums. Gabriela Paunova / 3rd place / and Denitsa Likova / 2nd place / participated in the II Malta International Pop Music Festival "Christmas Voices" 2021. The competition is organized by the European Center for Culture & Arts (ECCA) and the Worlds Association of Performing Arts Europe (WAPA Europe). The participation of soloists from the Vocal Studio "Synthesis" in the International Festival of Christmas and New Year song "Christmas Confession" Sofia was also a great success. Joana Lineva won First Place and Gabriela Paunova won Second Place.

Ø Vocal group "Bambini" with leader and vocal pedagogue Snezhana Doneva at the Center for Support of Personal Development - Municipal Children's Complex, Plovdiv

Vocal group "Bambini" at CPLR-ODK Plovdiv was established in 2008 with leader and music teacher Snezhana Doneva. The formation includes children aged 5 to 12 and is currently the largest vocal group in Plovdiv, which educates more than 100 children. The training is carried out on the basis of an author's program, which includes work with microphone equipment, stage behavior, realization of audio recordings and participation in videos. Over the years of its existence, the vocal group "Bambini" has acquired its own reading and appearance. A number of original songs based on music and arrangement by the directors Snezhana and Dimitar Donevi have been created. A song from the repertoire of VG "Bambini" is included in the textbook of music for 1st grade of the publishing house "Arts". The song is titled "Hey Comrades, Survakari". The authors of the music and the arrangement are the leaders of "Bambini". The first prizes were won by the children from VG "Bambini" from the National Competition "Patriotism" Panagyurishte 2022. Semi-finalists of "Bulgaria is looking for talent".

The young performers of the vocal group charmed with the performance of the author's song "On their party" and the extremely captivating mix "Colorful bagpipe".

The winners of the Thracian Heirs Drawing Competition in the three categories will also be announced at the official opening.

The festival program of "Days of Thracian Culture" 2022 covers two areas - MUSIC AND WORD, presented by the Scientific Conference "Thracians - Gods and Heroes" and various cultural events - concerts, exhibitions, film broadcasts, meetings, readings.

On June 25 and 26, 2022, the Trakart Cultural Center will host a Scientific Conference on "Thracians - Gods and Heroes", which will be attended by prominent Thracian scholars and culturologists - Prof. Vanya Lozanova, Prof. Anatoly Klyosov, Prof. Dobrin Denev, Assoc. Prof. Veselina Vachkova and others. Guests will be Prof. Marazov, Prof. Valeria Fol and others. The films "Coinage at Seuthes III" and "The Angel's Voice" will be screened during the conference. Twenty-six papers will be presented at the conference. The topics of scientific research are diverse - new data and summaries of research results and various aspects of the religious beliefs and rites of the Thracians. Plovdiv, as the geographical center of Thrace, was and is the center of Thracian culture and has the historical mission to preserve, explore and present the tangible and intangible heritage of the Thracians. The oldest living European city, in a natural way of mutual acquaintance, unites and represents the Balkan Diaspora and emphasizes our common cultural roots, traditions and rituals.

Highlights in the festival program are:

· First online children's drawing competition "Heirs of the Thracians" for children from 1st to 12th grade in three age groups, and the results will be announced on 23.06.2022 during the official opening of the festival;

· On June 24, 2022 / Friday / from 6.30 pm in the Cultural Center "Trakart" opening of the exhibition "50 years since the establishment of the Institute of Thracology at BAS", organized in cooperation with the Institute of Thracology at BAS and the State Cultural Institute Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

· On June 24 and 27, 2022 / Friday and Monday / will be the premieres of the films "VIA SAKRA" and "The Lord of the Lake", which are the work of Tsvetan Simeonov - journalist, screenwriter and director, author of more than 50 documentaries. Some of them have been awarded the Grand Prix at prestigious international forums. The films will be screened at the Trakart Cultural Center and the South Region of the Plovdiv Municipality at the Sofia University "Konstantin Velichkov", 6 Bugarievo Street;

Children's Atelier - Action "Signs and Horses" - June 25, 2022 / Saturday / from 11.00 to 12.30, at the Exposition "Encho Pironkov", Old Plovdiv in cooperation with Atelier "SevKolorit" led by Sevlia Todorova;

· Thracian fairy tales - reading fairy tales, suitable meeting for children over 5 years on June 26, 2022 / Sunday / from 11.00 am in the Research Center-Museum "Trakart", 25 Knyaz Alexander I Battenberg Street;

· On June 27, 2022 / Monday / from 18.00 Piano concert "Ladies' Gambit on Keys" with the participation of Marinela Marinova-piano, Nadezhda Kuzmanova-piano, Vanya Baleva-piano and Milena Nacheva-piano;

· Literary competition "Heirs of the Thracians" - on the last day of the festival "Days of Thracian Culture" 2022 on June 28 at 18.00 in the Cultural Center "Trakart" will be awarded prizes from the announced three months ago Literary competition "Heirs of the Thracians" .

Admission to all events is free.

The International Festival "Days of Thracian Culture" 2022 is funded by the Municipality of Plovdiv and is part of the Cultural Calendar of the city for 2022. It contributes to a more detailed presentation of the Thracian heritage and related cultures, creates and strengthens bridges for future joint scientific and cultural activities.

The project is implemented with the kind assistance of the South Region and in cooperation with the State Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Institute of Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the media partnership of Radio Plovdiv.


The full program of the festival and news can be found at the following addresses:

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