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Plovdiv with the prize of "Fastest growing destination for cultural tourism"

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Plovdiv Municipality with a prize for "Fastest Growing Destination for Cultural Tourism" in the Annual Awards of Destination Bulgaria!

Once again, during the annual Balkan meeting of the tourism industry from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries, Media Company K and P Advertising, publisher of Destination Bulgaria magazine, presented its Annual Awards.

Plovdiv Municipality was awarded the prize for "Fastest Growing Cultural Tourism Destination". The award was received by the Deputy Mayor for Culture, Archaeology and Tourism of Plovdiv Municipality Plamen Panov at an official ceremony held in Hall 1 of the Central Military Club Sofia on 23 June. Traditionally at the ceremony were awarded with diplomas mayors of municipalities, managers, partners, investors, tourist sites and services with good practices that have contributed to the development, recognition and promotion of Bulgaria as a year-round tourist destination.

The criteria used by the Nomination Committee to determine the winners are: high performance in tourism, sustainability and expansion of market presence, application of best practices, professional management, innovation.

It should be noted that last year, at an official ceremony at the Ministry of Tourism, the Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv, Plamen Panov, was personally honored with an award for "Contribution to the development of the tourism product in the municipality of Plovdiv". In 2021, Plovdiv Municipality was awarded the prize for "Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage" and in 2020 was awarded the prize for "Leading Destination for Cultural and Event Tourism".


"On behalf of the mayor of Plovdiv, the municipal administration, my colleagues from the Tourism Department and all the partners who contributed to this award, I would like to thank you. Plovdiv is a city where thousands of years of history, culture and heritage are in amazing harmony.  Plovdiv is the oldest inhabited city in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. It is no coincidence that in 2022, Plovdiv took fourth place in the "Best European Destination" ranking, competing against 19 world-famous destinations in the 13th edition of the prestigious European Best Destinations ranking. In the same ranking, in the individual categories, our city took first place in the categories "Best Cultural Destination in Europe", "Most Romantic Destinations in Europe", "Best Wine Destinations in Europe", a little later that year was also named "Best Destination in Bulgaria". Plovdiv is also known in the country as the "City of Artists". Of course, Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city - European Capital of Culture. Every summer the city is in the element of the big festivals, and they are the beating heart of cultural life under the hills. I remind you of all this because Plovdiv impresses both with its landmarks and its diverse cultural calendar.  And I am convinced that the fast-growing cultural tourism is the result of the targeted and consistent policy pursued both during this term and the previous two. I am proud that in recent years, during and after the European Capital of Culture and the large investments that have been made in cultural content, Plovdiv is still one of the cities with the largest budget for cultural content. This year it is BGN 4.6 million. The large-scale investments in cultural infrastructure over the years are also an important element - starting with the Roman Stadium, through the Small Basilica, the Bishop's Basilica, the wonderful Ancient Theatre, the two Kapana galleries and the 2019 Exhibition Hall, the restored Forums North and West, which are already delighting Plovdiv citizens and guests, the renovated permanent exhibition of the City Gallery of Fine Arts, adding the Old Town, the most beautiful jewel of the city - a cultural phenomenon that fascinates with its impressive and richly decorated Renaissance houses, the new sites under construction - the East Gate and Nebet Tepe, the Plovdiv museums and galleries, Kapana, all this is paying off, building on, developing with work and thought.  And last but not least, I would like to add the people of Plovdiv - its greatest asset, because they are talented, hospitable, hardworking and open to the world. That is why we like to say that there is something predestined in Plovdiv's destiny and millennial history that makes everyone fall in love with it at first sight and come back again. Everyone can be sure of that! Every award brings joy and satisfaction and obliges us to keep moving forward," said Deputy Mayor Plamen Panov on the occasion of the award.

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