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Permanent exposition - City Art Gallery

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The exposition is housed in the building of the Young Girls’ College, designed and built under the guidance of architect Joseph Schnitter in 1881. It is arranged chronologically on two floors. There are over 200 original artworks, which trace the development of Bulgarian art from the National Revival up to present day. Prominent authors and characteristic stylistic trends are represented here. Available is a wealth of information in Bulgarian and English.
Plovdiv collection is one of the richest artistic works from the early periods of development of Bulgarian art in the country. The section Painting begins with the earliest Bulgarian work with secular character (1812) - a portrait of the founder of modern Bulgarian printed book, fighter for religious and political independence Sophronius of Vratsa.
On display are the works of our great Revival artists who worked before and in the first years after the liberation. Among them are the most popular and authentic portraits of Vasil Levski, portrait of Poliksena Stambolova, painted by Georgi Danchov Zografina; thesis of Stanislav Dospevski (1823-1878) from Petersburg Academy; portraits, painted by the first professors at the Academy of Art in Sofia Anton Mitov (1862-1930) and Ivan Mrkvichka (1856-1938), "The little nigger" of Konstantin Velichkov (1855-1907), minister of Education (1895-1899) and founder of the Academy of Art and others.
The exhibition continues with works by prominent representatives of Bulgarian art - Hristo Stanchev, Tseno Todorov (1877-1953), Goshka Datsov (1885-1917), Vladimir Dimitrov-The Master (1882-1960), Tsanko Lavrenov, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, David Perets (1906 -1982), Sultana Suruzhon, Dechko Uzunov (1899-1986), artists from the second half of the twentieth century, Svetlin Rusev (1933), Atanas Patsev (1926-2000), Genko Genkov (1923-2006), Georgi Baev (1924 - 2007), Chavdar Pashev (1928), Ivan Kirkov (1932), Emil Stoychev (1935) and contemporary authors who emphasize the originality and uniqueness of contemporary Bulgarian art and culture, its links with European art Nikolay Maystorov (1943), Andrey Daniel (1952 ) Vihroni Popnedelev (1953), Stanislav Pamukchiev (1953), Vasil Stoev (1950), Svilen Blazhev (1953), Valchan Petrov (1947) and others.

Currently, the building is closed for visitors due to massive repair and restoration work. Еxpected opening: March 2022 More information about the exposition, the admission and the work hours will be available here:

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  • 14А, Saborna Str.

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