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Permanent Exhibition Encho Pironkov - City Art Gallery

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Exposition Encho Pironkov

Encho Pironkov’s style is typified by strong expressive gesture with a sense of spontaneity and naturalness. It fragments pictorial space and fits in it figures holding ceremonial position. Dealing with these compositions is dramatically enhanced by the peculiar mystique of the message and the typical strong opposition to the cut-off in them. Light jets form not as light and as a structural and behavioral determinant. Darkness lets loose the imagination; it is a special kind of personal revelation sacrament should not come out.
This painting is based on the principle that if a piece of it (detail) is not occupied by something, it will be filled by another. In its analysis we find things that are already known and recognized at the first glance. It is recognized without having to be familiar. It instills a sense of confidence, security, special atmosphere and images which eludes description. Although compelling, it cannot be explained. Seems like a set up without being triggered as received without being received. As an act that is not preceded by desire. Painting of Encho Pironkov is doing not in the ordinary sense of the word; it is a condition of unprovoked will.
This art has evolved and enriched contemporary plastic ideas and opinions. Form part of a new mythology in Bulgarian painting.
On display are 45 works donated by the artist, covering various periods of his creative development.

More information about the exposition, the admission and the work hours is available here:

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  • How to get there
  • 1, Vasil Kanchev Str.

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