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The Tsar Simeon's Garden and the Singing Fountains

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Tsar Simeon’s Garden in Plovdiv is created in 1892 by the Swiss landscape architect Lucien Chevalas (1840-1921). In 1879 Bulgarian knyaz Aleksandar Bogoridi invited Chevalas to become the official gardener of Plovdiv. For all his contribution to the city, in 1901 he was declared an honorary citizen of Plovdiv. He is often referred as “the Minister of flowers”.

To both citizens and guests’ delight, the renovation of the Garden has been completed. The idea behind it is to resemble the look from the time of the First Bulgarian fair in 1892 and bring back Bulgaria’s Kingdom spirit.

Since this summer the restored fountain of Goddess Demeter is brought for a new life, and a Viennese pavilion is built in the center of the park. The pavilion is with a metal openwork construction and is a replica of the 1936-Central Pavilion. All this was possible with the help of archival photographs and historical evidences from the Book of the fair. In addition there is new lighting in the park, and also new benches and modern children's playgrounds are installed. The trees and the flowers turn the park in a paradise garden.

The pearl on the crown of the park is the renovated Lake with the Singing Fountains. You can enjoy the light show of the lake intertwined with water effects.

The Fountain’s special dance – a spectacular show with music and light can be observed every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 21:00.

  • Historical period

  • Modern times

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