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Brussels to Plovdiv 2019: “Keep up the good work”

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Brussels to Plovdiv 2019: “Keep up the good work”

A month after the first post designation meeting in Brussels, covering the work of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation team, report is in place. The official paper with concrete recommendations has been sent to the executive management yesterday.
In September 2019, representatives from 2019 foundation together with the Chairman of the board and Deputy Mayor of Culture, Mr. Stefan Stoyanov, reported to a jury panel of 10 members on the progress and strategy development of European Capital of Culture project in 2019. The jury panel congratulated the team with the work and efforts in Kapana- Creative district and gave a positive feedback and solid recommendations on the overall work of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation.
The members of the jury gave the programs of other European cities as examples which would be useful for Plovdiv. They also encouraged Plovdiv 2019 to establish partnership with European cultural operators and make the most of the European programs. 
Some important recommendation was establishing a sustainable management of the foundation at least until 2020 and the strict management of the funds and responsibilities for certain project. An active co-operation with tour agencies, the Ministry of Tourism and the Bulgarian Embassies around the world was recommended as a means of promoting the country.
In September 2016 the European Commission will invite the team of Plovdiv 2019 on the first official monitoring, on which the progress of specific projects will be discussed.
The full report can be seen here:

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