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Important telephone numbers

Phone 112

Telephone 112 accepts emergency calls in need of emergency medical care, assistance in traffic accidents, fires, accidents, crises and other incidents with human and material losses.

The phone is used without a code. The 112 service is open 24 hours a day and free of charge.

Calls to telephone number 112 are accepted by operators who are specially trained and work according to approved instructions for determining the authenticity of the signal.

The first task of the operator is to identify the received signal - a fake call, a bad "joke" or a real event. This happens within 20 seconds. Unscrupulous calls are sanctioned under the 112 Act.

When the line receives a call for a real incident, the operator fills in an electronic card in which he notes who is calling, why and from where, the type of incident and the number of victims. The data is registered with short clarifying questions and thus the information from the caller is collected very quickly. When transmitting an incident to the telephone number 112, it is necessary to be as clear and accurate as possible when communicating the information - name of the caller, type and place of the incident, number of victims. This way you will get help faster and more adequately.

The specific case is immediately redirected to the relevant institution - Fire Safety and Protection of the Population, Police, Emergency Medical Aid, National Medical Coordination Center, Mountain Rescue Service and EA "Maritime Administration", which sends a team to the event.

Once the services are activated, the center receives feedback on what is happening at the event, how many teams have been sent and from which service they are. This information is monitored and analyzed by the coordinators. At the same time, 112 operators are receiving signals for other incidents.

When do we call 112?

Telephone 112 is not an information telephone, it does not service calls of a non-urgent nature - signals for non-functioning traffic lights, problems with electricity and water supply, damaged roads, etc.

Use 112 in the event of a sudden real threat to life, health, safety or property, such as:
Medical emergencies
Tornado (hurricane winds)
Industrial accidents and other pollution
Winter storms
Suspicion of anthrax or other biological agents
Other accidents and incidents