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The Red Church

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One of the pearls of early Christian architecture in Europe is recognized as the late antiquity and early medieval basilica "St. Mary", famous as the "Red Church", which from the 4th century, all the way to the 14th century, housed the services of the worshippers. This is an architectural and archaeological monument of national importance and is located about a kilometer - two from the city.

The Red Church is one of the most remarkable, partially preserved to this day monuments of early Christian architecture and painting not only in the Thracian lands, but also within the borders of modern Bulgaria. The iconic building rises in the northern parts of the Rhodope Mountains between the town of Perushtitsa and its small Pastusha district. The temple is located probably near a pagan sanctuary in the vicinity or periphery of a large Thracian settlement. In the embankments around and under the foundations of the building are found pieces of tiles and high-quality sculpture. The church is made of red Roman bricks, located on a massive stone base, to which it owes its characteristic red color and popular name. A number of researchers have suggested that its original name of a church was "Virgin Mary", due to the widespread cult of God's mother during the early Byzantine period.

Today the site "Red Church" is socialized thanks to a European project under OP "Regional Development". Restoration and preservation of the ruins and frescoes in the temple was carried out and a reception building was built for visitors with a convenient connection to it.

More information about the site and the access can be found on the website of the Historical Museum - Perushtitsa:

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