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The town of Hisarya is located in a small valley at the southern foot of the mountain Panagyurska Sredna Gora. It is located 42 km north of Plovdiv and 25 km south of Karlovo. The nature has endowed this area with healing mineral springs, thanks to which people have settled here since the 5th millennium BC. The climate in the valley is characterized by mild winters and warm summers, but without absolute record temperatures. The soil is mostly sandy and highly permeable. These conditions are favorable for planting vines, fruits and oilseeds. In the past, the population of Hisarya grew oil roses and lavender. In recent years, this tradition has been revived.

In the resort town there are 22 hot mineral springs with a total flow rate of 45 liters per second. The water temperature is from 37o to 51oC. The water is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-sulphate, chlorine and sodium, fluorine-silicon, alkaline. It has a high Ph - 9, colorless and odorless, with a pleasant taste. The mineral water of Hisarya can be used both as table water and for prevention of a number of diseases. The indications for treatment are varied. They include nephrological, urological, gastroenterological and liver diseases, some indications of metabolism and others. There are dozens of healing methods that use mineral water - from drinking and swimming in mineral pools to procedures with modern medical equipment.

The combination of good natural resources - mineral water and mild climate with ecologically clean food, medicinal herbs and essential oils, is the basis of successful prevention and rehabilitation of the human body.

Hissarya is a real city of health. A number of SPA hotels in the resort offer excellent conditions for treatment and relaxation, using the latest advances in medical science.

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