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Thracian cult complex, village of Starosel

The Thracian cult complex near the village of Starosel is an archeological sensation of world fame. It consists of two Thracian temples dug under a mound. In 2000, Georgi Kitov found the main temple (from the 5th century BC), which is located in the Chetinyova Mogila (Chetinyova Mound). In 2002, the only heroon tomb with a colonnade, located in the Horizont Mogila (Horizont Mound).

Thracian cult temple "Chetinyova Mogila"

The magnificent Thracian temple on Chetinyova Mogila, according to scientists, this is the last home of the mighty ruler Sitalk of the Odrysian kingdom.

The Thracian cult temple dates from V - IV BC. And it is the largest royal complex with a mausoleum ever discovered. The temple impresses with an impressive fence of stone blocks, a grand staircase with a corridor and a cult site. The entrance is outlined with tiles with plastic and color decoration. The interior is a round domed chamber with semi-columns and colorful ornaments. On the north side of the temple is a dug rock bath for wine production and storage. During the excavations, wine drinking vessels and strainers were found in it.

Horizont Temple

The name of a Thracian temple in the eponymous mound "Horizont" comes from the name of the European Foundation "STICHTING HORIZON", with whose funds the Thracian expedition for mound research under the leadership of Georgi Kitov was carried out.

Then this unique Thracian temple with a colonnade was discovered and was dated to the 5th-4th century BC. The temple was dug into a ready-made mound, and part of its embankment was taken away during construction. Later, the rectangular room was covered and the front part remained visible. Even today you can see parts of 6 front columns and 2 side columns in early Dorian style. Simple but impressive, especially since this is currently the only Thracian temple with 10 columns. In the middle of the 4th century a deified Thracian ruler was buried in the temple, together with his horse. The temple is actually a heroon temple. Later, for unknown reasons, it was desecrated, destroyed and then buried. During the excavations were found a small part of the clothes and belongings of the ruler - plates of gold armor, bronze arrowheads, pieces of ceramic vessels.

Where is Starosel

The village of Starosel is located in the central part of Hisarya municipality, under the southern slopes of the mountain Sashtinska Sredna Gora. The average altitude of the region is 300 m above sea level. The highest peaks of the mountain around Starosel are Aleksitsa (1530 m) and Fenera (1450 m). Starosel is located: about 45 km from Plovdiv and about 180 km from Sofia.

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