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Kalòfer (Калофер) is a town in central Bulgaria, located on the banks of the Tundzha between the Balkan Mountains to the north and the Sredna Gora to the south. Kalofer is part of Plovdiv Province and the Karlovo municipality. It is best known as the birthplace of Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev.

The modern settlement of Kalofer emerged in the 16th century, managing to preserve its Bulgarian character in the Ottoman Empire and to develop as a centre of craftsmanship, primarily cord production. The Kalofer monastery has been in operation since 1640 and the convent since 1700. During the Bulgarian National Revival the town became a centre of revolutionary activity, being the birthplace of figures such as Hristo Botev, Exarch Joseph, Dimitar Panichkov, Nikola Ivanov.

Some of the attractions in Kalofer:
National Museum "Hristo Botev" Kalofer
Teacher Botev's school
The monument of Kalifer Voivoda, sculptor Hristo Pesev, 1975
Church "Assumption of St. The Mother of God ”
Church "St. Archangel Michael ”
The convent "St. Entry of the Mother of God ”
Outside the city is located the famous in the past male monastery "St. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin".

  • Historical period

  • Renaissance

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