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Monument of Gyuro Mihaylov

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Monument of Gyuro Mihaylov

Central Sq., next to the Military Club

The Monument of Gyuro Mihaylov and his brave comrades has an extremely interesting history. It was made by a team led by Professor Nikola Kozhuharov and was officially inaugurated in Tsar Krum Square in Plovdiv on 27 November 1938. The most significant support for the initiative was then provided by the mayor of the city, Bozhidar Zdravkov, and by the officers in the city. The Monument is a composition in which Gyuro Mihaylov is presented in full-length, guarding the chest and around him are his fighting comrades who are suffering from the raging fire, but still supporting their fellow. The bronze composition is placed on a stone sarcophagus, which stores the remains of the heroes. The splendid monument, placed at the heart of the city, became a place of worship for the people who sacrificed their lives in the name of their nation and Homeland and knowing that duty, honor and loyalty stand above all. In 1962, the communist rulers unceremoniously removed the monument and collected all the remains of the fallen heroes in a box. The remains were then handed over to the museum in Plovdiv and the monument was initially transferred to the barrack of the IX Plovdiv Regiment, and later – in the division of the Construction Corps.

In 1992 patriotic Plovdiv citizens undertook to return the monument of Gyuro Mihaylov and his comrades where it belongs – in the center of the city. On March 3, 1994, the monument was inaugurated with the same look which it had back in 1938.

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