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Rowing Canal Plovdiv

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The Rowing Canal (Regatta Venue) in the city of Plovdiv is a sports facility for rowing. This is the largest facility of this kind in the Balkans where rowing competitions can be held. The channel is 2 200 meters long, 120 meters wide and three meters deep. It is located adjacent to the Recreation and Culture Park. The spectators can enjoy the sports events from the renovated 800 seats grandstand. Men’s and Women’s European Rowing Championship was held on September 16, 2011, at the Rowing base. 

A bridge crosses the Rowing canal. Below it you can often meet talented artists. Getting on the bridge you will see hundreds of locked padlocks which symbolize the “locked love of young and old ones” as the keys lie somewhere on the bottom of the canal. The Rowing Canal is surrounded by jogging and walking alleys, as well as a velo alley. For a small amount of money you can rent a bike and join the various activities usually performed at there. Sport fishing competitions are also held here. But apart from these events the fishing in the canal is strictly prohibited.

Other sports facilities are also located at the territory of the sports complex – tennis courts, a swimming pool, a Rope Garden Attraction. Recently, the place has become extremely attractive to both the citizens and the visitors of the city. Here you can enjoy a pleasant walk or rest. Restaurants located around the Rowing facilities look tempting.

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