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The Minister of Health updated his order for the measurements of the coronavirus

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(supplemented on 24.03.2020)

In connection with the latest recommendations of the National Operational Staff, the Minister of Health made changes in the texts of his order, introducing the following anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria by 12.04.2020:

1. Visits to amusement and gambling halls, discos, bars, restaurants, fast food establishments, drinking establishments, coffee shops and large shopping malls shall be discontinued, with the exception of banking and insurance offices, grocery stores and pharmacies. Restaurants and fast food establishments are allowed deliveries to addresses in strict compliance with sanitary and hygiene requirements. All commercial activities not mentioned above continue to operate as they did until now, with strict adherance to sanitary and hygiene requirements.

Every natural or legal person who owns or manages activities with public purpose or other entities who provide services to citizens who are not prohibited from presenting the action under item 1, must organize their activities in a way that does not imply the meeting of more than two persons above the age of 60 in the premises where services are offered and adhere to these outdoor areas, indicating the need to keep a distance of at least 1-1.5 m between each person.

2. Classes and all extracurricular activities (classrooms, clubs, green schools, field trips, etc.) shall be discontinued at schools, universities and other training institutions and organizations. If it is required, a distance learning form has been established.

3. Child visits to nurseries and kindergartens are suspended.

4. All group forms of activity and work with children and students, outside the system of pre-school and school education, which are organized and conducted by individuals and legal entities, regardless of their legal and organizational form, are discontinued.

5. All kinds of mass events, including sports, cultural, entertaining and scientific events (cinemas, theaters, concerts, museums, conferences, symposia, sports, SPA centers, gyms, etc.) are discontinued.

6. All employers, depending on the specifics and capabilities of the respective work activity, must introduce a remote form of work for their employees. In places where this is not possible, employers must take an anti-epidemic measures in the workplaces, including filter, disinfection and ventilation, coaching for personal hygiene of staff and to forbid the entrance of employees or outsiders with manifestations of acute infectious diseases.

7. The planned children and women consultations, preventive examinations, prophylactic immunizations, admission and carrying out of planned operative activity, including grafting of organs from living and corpse donors, as well as visits to all medical establishments are suspended.

8. Paragraphs I, 5-11 and II of Order No. RD-01-122 of 11 March 2020 of the Minister of Health are repealed.

The order was reported to all regional health inspections and ministers involved in implementing the relevant measures.

Regional health inspectorates should inform the regional governors, mayors of municipalities,  the directors of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and all medical establishments in the territory of the respective area about the introduced anti-epidemic measures, as well as the relevant regional education departments for the establishment of the necessary organization.

The duration and scope of the measures may vary depending on the development of the epidemic situation in the country.

Minister Ananiev's order can be found here.
The first supplement can be found here.
The second supplement can be found here.


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