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Plovdiv Plaza Mall

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PLOVDIV PLAZA is the largest and most modern shopping center in Plovdiv.

PLOVDIV PLAZA impresses with its architecture and design. Where aesthetics meets functionality, modernity - tradition, and history leads to the future - this is the vision and interior of the mall. Because Plovdiv deserves the best!

PLOVDIV PLAZA welcomes you with the unique not only for Bulgaria, but also for Southeast Europe LED screen with a height of 16 meters and an area of ​​175 square meters, which emits specially created 3D productions and animations and can capture your attention for hours.

PLOVDIV PLAZA is a modern place for shopping, but not only. Here you can communicate, spend time with family and friends, meet good acquaintances and find new ones. Here we appreciate the beauty, the talent, the quality in everything we offer.

PLOVDIV PLAZA presents you the joy of the good things in life! That is why we greet you with the message: Live, love, shop!


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