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Music tour in the Old Town of Plovdiv

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On 4 July 2020, Saturday, hours before the most anticipated music event - the Annual Music Awards on BG radio, three locations of the Old Town become stages for young musical talents.
At 15:00 the music scene starts in Balabanova House. At 16:00 h. (4 pm), to the sounds of an acoustic piano, we will enliven Hindlian House. And at 17:00 h. (5 pm) the yard of the House of Dr. St. Chomakov (permanent exhibition of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev) will become the stage for the third mini concert.
Surprising meetings with beloved performers and presenters from BG radio and Nova TV are waiting for you! The old town of Plovdiv invites you to start before the spectacular show of the Ancient Theater!
Be with us and with the Bulgarian music!


All events are held in strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures introduced in the country.

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