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The central tribune of the Roman stadium becomes the newest tourist attraction

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The central tribune of the Roman stadium, located in the H&M building on the Main Street, becomes the newest tourist attraction of Plovdiv

On 25 February 2021 at a short ceremony in the Conference Hall of the Municipality of Plovdiv was signed the contract between the Municipality of Plovdiv and SS Property Ltd., with which the archaeological finds on the territory of the group cultural monument "Historical Zone Philippopolis-Trimontium-Plovdiv" in the building of Shopping Center Star Gallery (H&M store on the Main Street) are open for Plovdiv residents and guests of the city.

On behalf of the Municipality of Plovdiv, the document was signed by the Mayor of the city Zdravko Dimitrov, and the partners in the company "SS Property" - Mr. Karl Polzhofer and Eng. Rudolf Leitner, were represented by their attorney and manager in the company Mrs. Iva Shishkova. The ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Mayor “Culture, archaeology and tourism” Plamen Panov and the Mayor of the "Central" district Georgi Stamenov, who participated in the negotiation process.

"We would like to thank the owners of SS Property Ltd. - Mr. Karl Polzhofer and Eng. Rudolf Leitner, as well as their representative Mrs. Iva Shishkova, that they agreed to open the archeology and make it available to more people", said the mayor of Plovdiv Zdravko Dimitrov, who after signing the contract presented three certificates to the representatives, as expression of gratitude for the efforts and significant contribution to the preservation of cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv.

"With gratitude for the realized project for conservation, restoration and exhibition of the archeological finds on the territory of the group cultural monument "Historical zone Filipopol-Trimontium-Plovdiv", located in the building of the Shopping Center Star Gallery, as well as for the good partnership with the Municipality of Plovdiv.”, it is written in the certificates signed by Mayor Dimitrov. The representative of the owners Iva Shishkova also expressed her satisfaction that a consensus has been reached.

A gratitude was also expressed by the mayor of the "Central" district Georgi Stamenov, who presented plaques on behalf of the regional administration, on whose territory is the newest tourist attraction.

"This is a historic day because, for a long time, citizens have not had access. I thank the Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov for embracing the idea, as well as Georgi Stamenov, because together we made it happen. I hope this will be another public-private project after the Small and Episcopal Basilicas to be implemented in Plovdiv. I am happy that this year we will open two significant new tourist attractions, which will make Plovdiv an even more attractive place for tourism - the Episcopal Basilica and the Central Tribune of the Roman Stadium, located in the Star Gallery Shopping Center, "said Deputy Mayor Plamen Panov.

In the next two months, the site will be refreshed by Municipal Company "Zhilfond", equipment will be purchased and a device will be installed for sale of tickets to tourists. For this purpose, the ordinance regulating the prices of services on the territory of the municipality of Plovdiv will be changed. This will grant the tourists the opportunity to see all the exposed parts of the Roman Stadium - on the Roman Stadium Square, the archeology under "Excelsior" and the newest part under the former NARmag.

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