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Kapana fest 2021

26/08/2021 - 29/08/2021
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"Kapana Fest" awakens the soul of the neighborhood at the end of hot August with favorite, talented artists and performers from all spheres of cultural life

The organizers have already announced the music program on the main stage "Kapana"

 From August 26 to 29 in Kapana - the district of creative industries will once again gather talented artists from all spheres of cultural life to change the look of the Plovdiv district, turning it into an autonomous island of contemporary art for a long weekend, with the favorite name "Kapana Fest".    

Conceived as a carnival of free art with 2 editions a year, for second year in a row Kapana Fest presents a new concept, concentrating its efforts on one edition a year, opening and presenting to the general public musicians, authors, craftsmen and artists with non-standard ideas and interesting projects in several main areas: Music, Dance, Crafts, Workshops, Exhibitions, Literature, Theater and Art Installations. 

The spirit of the district will come to life through five conceptual music zones, from which the audience, together with all the musicians, will awaken the "Soul of the District".  

In the areas of the accompanying bazaar "Kapana Fest" you will find original products, natural and organic food and beverages, Bulgarian fashion and the soft and warm sound of gramophone records, provided by friends from @ record store. 

Expect more literary area, art installations, graffiti, exhibitions and many surprises.

The organizers of "Kapana Fest" have already announced the music program on the main stage "Kapana" ( parking lot near the Central Halls ), where from 26 to 29 August you will hear many talented local and foreign musicians. POWERED BY: Somersby  

19:30 Sense of Angel Dyulgerov 21:00 Divine Astronaut (USA)   

19:00 Stop the Schizo 20:15 Me and My Devil 21:30 SINOPTIK (UKR)   

Trombobby & C- MO, / ALEKS , / Preya /   

21:00 Tangra 

"Kapana Fest" is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv and is part of the Cultural Calendar of the city for 2021.

We also publish from the cultural program of Kapana Fest 2021!

The artist Vulkan Valkanov will present over thirty posters, which will be part of the air exhibition in Plovdiv, Kapana district. This type of exhibition is not common. These works are created to reflect a specific staging or social problem, but then usually, there is nowhere to see them again. This is exactly why this exhibition will take place, which aims to present the diversity and power of the impact of the stage and social poster. Everyone who is willing to acquire any of the works, can choose in studio HAVA, WAM shop or merch booth Kapana Fest at the Shirokoto (Wide) Square.

Kapana Fest always strives to touch the senses of the audience, to excite them and give them an unforgettable musical experience.

On August 26, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Livvy Holland and Moonhead from Divine Astronaut - an international project that makes downtempo alternative electronic music for the late hours of the night. The duo was born in Eastern Europe, although the musicians, who identify themselves as "citizens of the world", come from Canada, America, New Zealand and Australia. Divine Astronaut 's music has been heavily influenced since the 1990s by artists such as Portishead, Bjork, Enigma, Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, NIN and Radiohead.    

Kapana Fest 2021 presents an exhibition "Portraits" by Peter Chuchuligov. Petar Chuchuligov is an author who is in love with black and white. The exhibition will show his interest in people of art and science. Portraits of celebrities will be presented, who have left their mark on history not with politics, but with creativity that has changed directions and created the necessary impulses for change. "Portraits" is a collection that has been created over the years with a lot of love in search of the spark. Spark - obtained from the collision of black and white.  

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