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Sunny Beach closed the Bishop's Basilica for filming, in August the team returns

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"Sunny Beach" closed the Bishop's Basilica for filming, in August the team returns to Plovdiv

The initiative Plovdiv to become part of one of the hit series on bTV is of the team of the Municipality of Plovdiv.

The filming of the hit series "Sunny Beach" closed the Bishop's Basilica on Sunday after 4 p.m. The initiative the city of Plovdiv and its landmarks to be included in one of the hit series on bTV is of the team of the Municipality of Plovdiv and is a great opportunity to advertise the city in the series, which is watched by more than a million and a half viewers.

Apart from part of the action in the series, which was filmed on Sunday, the Sunny Beach team will return in Plovdiv again in August, when beautiful scenes will be filmed on the Main Street of Plovdiv, in the Old Town and in several other landmarks of the city. The producer of the series is Ivan Hristov.

Fans of the series of all ages had awaited at the filming location since the morning to take pictures with their favorite actors and get an autograph.

Sunny Beach takes viewers to the colorful world of one of the most visited and commented Bulgarian tourist destinations in Europe. The high-quality production raises the curtain on the secrets of the hotel business, presented through the personal stories of the characters. The series features young stars of Bulgarian television cinema, who have become favorites of the audience.

The main roles in the first season are played by Boyko Krastanov, Yavor Baharov, Ivo Arakov, Evelin Kostova, Lidia Indzhova, Boryana Bratoeva, Nadia Ivanova, Daniel Peev, Felimir Milanov, Nikolay Ishkov, Marian Marinov, Lyubomir Kovachev, Vasilena Vincenco, Vittoria Nikolova, Hristo Petkov, Stoyan Radev.

The second season of the fun series includes new characters. Anya Pencheva and Kiril Efremov become part of the team with the introduction of new characters.. Georgi Toshev, Zlatka Raykova, Andrey Kozhuharov and many other celebrities also join.

Only a day after the International Children's Day, the stars of the hit Bulgarian TV series "Sunny Beach" visited Plovdiv. Ivo Arakov, Evelin Kostova, Boryana Bratoeva and Daniel Peev - Dundee met for the first time with the fans of the series. The host of the event was Miron Krumov - Chief Screenwriter of Sunny Beach. He spoke about how the idea was born, what difficulties they encountered with the script, how the characters and the main actors were chosen. Special videos revealed to the guests in Plovdiv Plaza Mall, secrets from the shooting process of the second season. It turns out that the hardest thing for everyone is not to laugh while the camera is running. Then Ivo Arakov shared how people from the technical team regularly run away from the set to be able to laugh without interfering with the recordings, and Evelin Kostova revealed that the most anticipated are the love scenes in the script, which happen at least before 100 people and they are not "love scenes" at all.

For the finale of the event, the actors drew the winner of the raffle, who will have the unique opportunity to participate in the filming of the second season of the series, and all guests received special, themed gifts.

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