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The Singing Fountains light up again

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The Music and Light Show of the Singing Fountains at Tsar Simeonov Garden begins today, July 1, 2021 and will be on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until the end of September. The program of the light show starts at 21:30 h.

A complete check-up of the facility, which has been operating since the beginning of last month, has been carried out, but without a program, in order to avoid crowds due to the epidemiological situation. Due to the serious decline in COVID-19 cases, the program is being reinstated. It includes 5 musical compositions that alternate each week. Their duration is up to 25 minutes.

All the fountains in the city are operating normally. We strongly advise citizens not to bathe in them, as the water is treated with special substances that can lead to allergic rashes, especially in children.

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